Irish Professional wedding family Celebrant Writer Editor Voiceover Artist Ireland

Irish Professional Celebrant. Writer & Editor. Voiceover Artist.

My name is Donna and I have been fortunate to work across a variety of fascinating industries in Ireland using my unique storytelling skills. Specialising in Lifestyle & Weddings, I have been privileged to tell hundreds of stories over many years as a professional celebrant, writer and editor, content creator and voiceover & commercial artist.


For as long as I can remember I have entertained people with my voice, from delivering a plethora of accents from around the world, embodying animated characters (including everything from dragons to raccoons!), supplying soothing sounds for mindfulness projects or delivering the perfect tone of voice for corporate businesses and luxury brands. My commercial experience is in comedy and corporate to everything in between. With over 20 years’ experience, I have been fortunate to work with some incredible brands, companies and people during this time.

My love for the spoken and written word is deep. An avid bookworm as a child, I was often chastised for reading too much (!), my head constantly buried in the latest adventure or magical world and I kept diaries upon diaries documenting the (let’s face it) very mundane daily life of a child. Throughout my life, I have sought out ways that allow me to incorporate my love for the English language into my everyday life and work.

Irish wedding Celebrant Editor

Dreamer. Creator. Storyteller.

I have been incredibly fortunate to work with a wide variety of businesses and brands over the years creating engaging and memorable content, blogs and campaigns. I am also very proud to be the editor of GALWAYnow magazine, a leading lifestyle magazine in the West of Ireland.

Let me tell your story.

Professional wedding family Celebrant Writer Editor Voiceover Artist Ireland
Donna Reidy-Maguire Writer & Editor Voiceover Artist Ireland

Writer, Editor & Voiceover Artist

Irish professional wedding family Celebrant Editor

Irish Professional Family Celebrant

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